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Mixture-motifBlowfish copy

motif July 5th 2013


Axis night club July 3rdcopy 1 copy 563569_10151522334383498_1320638064_n copy Candy land at Pure night club2 942840_10151448656116987_52923423_n copy 739928_603190293029689_1871205044_o 614436_10151134160643498_1727375143_o 603443_362446800494944_2009988492_n 563370_353272331412391_1699140823_n 545895_10150808392478530_1872072995_n547885_10151080174258498_1296192436_n
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– Pure Night Club Sunny Vale, Ca
– Grand Opening XO bar San Jose, CA
– Lido Night Club Downtown San Jose, CA
– Alo Bar Downtown San Jose, C


I havent updated in awhile because i have been so busy with school, producing music and doing gigs…So all I can remember is

– Pure Nightclub Sunny Vale, VA
– Axis Nightclub Sunny Vale, CA
– Resident Dj at ALo bar (Friday thru Sunday every week) San Jose, CA
– Studio 8 downtown San Jose, CA
– M bar San Jose (every other months)
– House/Celebration Parties
– BPM event- Axis nightclub Sunny Vale, CA


-Bulldog Lights Nov 11th at bulldog shop, San Jose
-DANCING OFF The HOOK ~ON~ DEJA VU Nov 3 @ M CAFE Lounge, San Jose
-EDM Every Tuesday Night at Dx bar, San Jose Nov 1,8,15,22,29…

– Dx Bar Every Tuesday Night – Aug 2,9,16,23,30. Sept 13,20,27. Oct 3,10,17,24,31… at San Jose
– Open House party – Sept 10th at San Jose
– Down The Rabbit Hole part 3 – Return of the Hatter – Aug 9th at Indian Canyon, Holister
-Electro Wars: Major Lazer Nite – Feb 11th at Icon Lounge, San Francisco

-White Party New Years Eve – Dec 31st  San Francisco
-Christmas dancing – Dec 24th  San Jose
-MENAGE A TROIS  – Nov 19th at Kellys (San Francisco)
-Zoology – Nov 18th   at  Triple Crowns ( San Francisco)
-D.T.H.R 2 – Thank You Party –  Nov 12th   at Blakes (Berkeley)
– Rager Party – Oct 23rd at Carleton (Berkeley)
– ABC Lounge – Oct 9th (Milpitas)
– Electric Fry Daze – Oct 1th at Da Silva’s Broncos (Santa Clara)
– Electric Fry Daze – Sept 10th at Da Silva’s Broncos (Santa Clara)
– Electric Fry Daze – Sept 3rd at Da Silva’s Broncos (Santa Clara)
– The Mad Hatter’s Rave – August 28th at Indian Canyon (Hollister)
– Electric Fry Daze – July 16th at Da Silva’s Broncos (Santa Clara)
– Electric Fry Daze – July 2nd at Da Silva’s Broncos (Santa Clara)
– Blackout – June 26th (Los Angeles)
– Zoology – April 23rd 2010 at Element Lounge (San Francisco)
– EPR with Mustard Pimp – March 31st at Blake’s (Berkeley)
– Bass Jam – March 5th 2010 at Kelly’s (San Francisco)
– Fight Club – January 5th (San Francisco)


– Christmas Dancing – December 18th (San Jose)
– Elevation – November 6th (Daily City)
– Halloween Night – October 31st (Berkeley)
-Sacramento Groove Nights   September 16th (Sacramento)


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