iiO is back with new album “Exit 110” feat. Nadia Ali

iiO is back with new album "Exit 110" feat. Nadia Ali
Once again setting the benchmark in electronic pop, “Exit 110” is a genre-defining classic; an imaginative and highly anticipated masterpiece no true iiO fan would want to miss! Featuring Nadia Ali on Vocals, the original iiO returns, mixed and worked by the masterful DJ/Producer/Songwriter/Musician Markus Moser. Heavily influenced by 80’s synthesizer hardware, nostalgic new-romanticism elements appear musically and melodically across the album, in which the sounds themselves steer the direction of the songs. Following countless critical accolades and career-defining moments, “Exit 110” is a continuation of the revered album “Poetica”, featuring hits such as “It’ll Be Like”, “Meant To Be”, “Holiday”, and “Fiend”.
New York-based duo iiO (formerly known as vaiio and named after a computer used to write lyrics on) debuted in a local club, where their song “Rapture” was played for the first time. After becoming an Ibiza club favorite, “Rapture” started climbing charts around Europe and finally joined the Global Hits 2002 collection, released by Universal Records.
Release date: 19.April 2011


1. It’ll Be Like (feat. Nadia Ali)
2. More (Love Hi) [feat. Nadia Ali]
3. All I Need (feat. Nadia Ali)
4. Meant To Be (feat. Nadia Ali)
5. I Don’t Know (feat. Nadia Ali)
6. P.I.C. (Partner In Crime) [feat. Nadia Ali]
7. Don’t Talk To Her (feat. Nadia Ali)
8. Fiend (feat. Nadia Ali)
9. Holiday (feat. Nadia Ali)
10. Closet Of Yours (feat. Nadia Ali)
11. Poetica II (feat. Nadia Ali)
12. Exit 110


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