With one big spellbinding ‘Thank You’, San Fran EDM extraordinaire, ‘Ducka Shan’, takes the show after yet another enthralling set of his very own entertaining productions.

This comes as no surprise given the pumping, feel-good tracks which Ducka spins during his dancefloor-friendly sets. His production possesses an exciting sense of innovation and ingenuity, blending the best of the many genres which have arisen over the recent years, ranging from an eclectic big room house sound, or a more mellow trap infused chillout.

Hailing from a musical family, the Cali producer sought to follow the craft of his bloodline, learning the piano in his prepubescent years, before becoming seduced by the four-to-the-floor bliss of techno at 15, which led him towards DJ’ing and production after being in- spired by the likes of DJ Shadow and Tiesto.

With a career almost spanning a de- cade, Ducka Shan is more than ready to take on the international scene. Already signed to 5 European labels (2014 – Filthy Groovin’ Records [UK]; 2015 – Silvana Records [GER]; 2016 – Armed Recordings [ROM], PureGold Records [AUS], and Pyro Records [GER]), the American groove king has skyrocketed up the digital charts with a headliner name in the making.

So get your best dancefloor kicks ready for Ducka Shan’s hands-up-making- love-hearts beats of melodic and rhythmic euphoria. You can get a taste here on his Soundcloud, or receive the latest and greatest simply by following his Instagram or Facebook.

Nightclub Gigs 
The Grand, San Francisco
1015 Folsom, San Francisco
Slide, San Francisco
Castle 550, San Francisco
Payne Mansion Hotel, San Francisco
The Pink Elephant, San Francisco
Mighty, San Francisco
Cat Club, San Francisco
Triple Crowns, San Francisco
Element Lounge, San Francisco
Fight Club, San Francisco
Icon Lounge, San Francisco
Oasis, San Jose
Motif, San Jose
Studio 8, San Jose
Axis, Santa Clara
Pure Lounge, Sunnyvale

International Gigs: 

ACE Night Club, Vietnam

The Grand Ho Tram Strip, Vietnam

Queen Hall, Vietnam


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